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Deploying innovation is central to ERTICO’s work to make mobility smarter, safer and cleaner, working with our Partners in four focus areas: Connected, Cooperative & Automated Mobility, Urban Mobility, Clean and Eco Mobility and Transport & Logistics. Our activities across these areas include European Commission co-funded projects, Innovation Platforms and other multi-stakeholder activities, including Mobility Data Spaces which are funded solely by industry and/or public authorities and comprise members and non-members of the ERTICO Partnership. The ERTICO Partnership’s Innovation & Deployment work is complimented by horizontal initiatives such as the ERTICO City Moonshot, ERTICO Academy and international cooperation activities that aligns Europe and the EMEA Region with other ITS regional organisations in the US, Canada and Asia Pacific. 

The ERTICO Partnership’s Innovation & Deployment work is complemented by horizontal initiatives, including the ERTICO City Moonshot, the ERTICO Academy, and international cooperation that aligns Europe and EMEA with other ITS regional organisations in the US, Canada and Asia Pacific.

Our CCAM work aims at contributing to cleaner, safer and more efficient transport in line with EU targets, including the European Green Deal and Vision Zero. Our Clean & Eco-Mobility project and platform activities focus on reducing emissions and tackling pollutants from all forms of transport, extending to brakes, tyres and tailpipes, to improve air quality and support targets for a healthier society. Our Urban Mobility priorities seek to achieve strategic goals, including multimodal, integrated and inclusive transport options for all based on an infrastructure supported by operational CCAM services that enable decarbonisation. Our work in Transport & Logistics focuses on increasing interoperability and connectivity to optimise the shipment and movement of goods and enhancing supply chain management while using existing resources in smarter ways. 

ERTICO Innovation Platforms focus on deploying ITS and are self-funded. We manage and host platforms for deployment services, including interactive traffic management (TM2.0), electromobility, automated valet parking (EAVP) and TN-ITS to update the specifications for refreshing digital maps. We also maintain close links with platforms that form a key part of the ITS ecosystem. This includes the Traveller Information Services Association (TISA) on Traffic Information Protocols, ADASIS on ADAS specifications, the MaaS Alliance on single ticketing and open MaaS ecosystems, as well as SENSORIS for cloud-based vehicle sensor data.

Active Projects in 2022-2023 had a joint multi-annual budget of €310 million through which ERTICO currently manage and/or actively contribute to 23 research, pilot and deployment projects, with three new projects starting in the second half of 2023. 

Below infographic explains the connections between the different innovation platforms and mobility data spaces in relation to the mobility ecosystem and the data flow. 


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