A multi-faceted approach to smart mobility

ERTICO takes a multi-faceted approach to smart mobility. The four areas of our work – Connected and Automated Driving, Urban Mobility, Clean Mobility, Transport & Logistics – help us focus our activities and projects to achieve specific milestone and targets in each one of them. ERTICO recognises that the work is not to be done in silos and smart mobility should be looked at holistically. This is why, we ensure that progress made in one area seeps into the others and that when opportunity arises, we take on activities that further our mission in smart mobility as a whole. We call these activities “cross-sector”. Standardisation, interoperability, smart mobility knowledge centres and training on the digitalisation of transport are examples of activities that fall under the “cross-sector” category.

Today, devices and data platforms are likely to provide data in different formats or to use incompatible communication interfaces. Interoperability is addressing this aspect while providing the ability for devices and systems to exchange consistent data using compatible and thus interoperable formats and interfaces.

Standardisation is the key enabler for interoperability. Smart mobility solutions include a variety of technologies across different sectors. ERTICO works to facilitate the adoption of common or harmonized standards to seamlessly combine a variety of devices and platforms into one service.

Beyond standards, ensuring interoperability across sectors also implies fostering real testing of communication interfaces and data platforms. With this purpose, ERTICO is running TESTFEST ™ events: a series of technical workshops to test interoperability between real devices and system. The TESTFEST ™ events have become a reference for all ERTICO activities on cooperative ITS, eCall, IoT, Logistics and Traffic management.

Cross-sectoral projects we are currently running:

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