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Innovation is at the heart of what we do with the ambition to make mobility smarter, safer and cleaner across four key focus areas: Connected, Cooperative & Automated Mobility, Urban Mobility, Clean and Eco Mobility and Transport & Logistics.

ERTICO coordinates and supports nearly 30 European projects with our Partners and external stakeholders. Funded by the European Commission and national authorities, we aim to make mobility smarter, safer and cleaner. Our work also aligns seamlessly with EU objectives, including policy frameworks such as the European Green Deal, Vision Zero, and the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy. Innovation Platforms, Mobility Data Spaces and other multi-stakeholder activities are funded solely by industry and/or public authorities, comprised of members and non-members of the ERTICO Partnership. Our commitment to innovation and deployment extends to horizontal initiatives such as the City Moonshot,  ERTICO Academy, and other cross-sector activities that synchronise Europe with other ITS organisations in the US, Canada, and Asia-Pacific.

Through our CCAM (Connected, Cooperative & Automated Mobility) initiatives, we actively contribute to the evolution of transportation, envisioning a safer future where vehicles communicate intelligently, cooperate seamlessly, and navigate autonomously. This commitment underscores our dedication to developing cutting-edge technologies and a transformative approach to address current challenges.

Another important component of our mission in Clean & Eco-Mobility focuses on reducing emissions and mitigating pollutants originating from various transportation sources, including brakes, tyres, and exhaust. Our activities contribute to improving air quality for a healthier society and promote the uptake of zero-emission vehicles, renewable and low-carbon fuels, and related infrastructures. 

In Urban Mobility, our strategic priorities emphasise multimodal, integrated, and inclusive transportation options for all. This vision relies on a robust infrastructure supported by operational CCAM services, playing a central role in decarbonising transportation and making connected and automated multimodal mobility a reality. 

Transport & Logistics concentrate on supporting the greening of freight transport and logistics, including interoperability and connectivity to optimise the movement and shipment of goods. By leveraging a broad range of expertise and resources, we aim to enhance supply chain management, contributing to overall efficiency gains in the logistics sector. 

Above infographic explains the connections between the different innovation platforms and mobility data spaces in relation to the mobility ecosystem and data flow. 

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