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About Urban Mobility

In cities and urban areas, vehicle technologies, traffic and transport systems and internet applications are coming together in a fast-growing ecosystem of new “connected mobility” services for travelers and transport users. City governments seek mobility solutions able to significantly reduce traffic congestion, while increasing the use of collective and low-carbon means of transport. Exploiting the newest internet and mobile communication technologies is leading to innovative ways in order to re-think the road transport services and improve mobility.

ERTICO strives to create wide-spread deployment of a new generation of cooperative applications, digital infrastructure and personalised mobility services. These will reduce traffic congestion, increase the use of low-carbon and low-emission leading to high-quality travel for all citizens and businesses.

The concept of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) creates new ways to use and pay for mobility. It shifts the decision power to the individual user through tailored solutions. This means that new organisational and business models need to be developed to integrate mobility modes, provide information and have secure payment options.


Our Urban Mobility roadmap for 2030

A key priority for ERTICO’s focus in the Urban Mobility area is to support the widespread deployment of a new generation of cooperative, connected and personalised mobility services. ERTICO’s goal for 2030 is to achieve full integration of all these mobility solutions. This will reduce traffic congestion and increase the use of low-carbon and low-emission solutions, leading to high-quality travel for all citizens and businesses. ERTICO supports its 2030 roadmap related to Urban Mobility through projects and Innovation Platforms allowing the possibility to develop innovative solutions.

Current objectives in the area of Urban Mobility

Create a single market for Mobility as a Service (MaaS)
A city-business partnership framework delivers “sustainability as a profitable service”, including new organisation and business cases. To achieve such a partnership, ERTICO is working on guidelines and the framework for MaaS deployment and interoperability. We recognise the importance of testing the cities network for MaaS deployment and are engaging with cities to do so.

Develop “plug and play city” for harmonised tools and APIs
Harmonised tools and APIs for interconnection and integration of transport systems, mobility data and related services will enable the “plug-and-play city”. ERTICO is supporting the large-scale deployment of C-ITS (cooperative ITS) bundled services in complex urban environments. We work to develop an ITS deployment framework for the “plug-and-play city”.

ERTICO’s Innovation Platforms working on Urban Mobility:

Urban Mobility Projects that ERTICO is working on:

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