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ERTICO facilitates the cooperation of all ERTICO Partners in their ambition to drive forward the innovation and deployment of smart mobility solutions. This is done through two main channels: thought leadership and stakeholder engagement.

Partners benefit from the engagement in a wider network across different sectors and the resulting insights allow them to innovate in their area of activity. ERTICO offers a platform for networking, information sharing and relationship building among partners through the ITS Congresses, yearly Think Tank events, “Focus On” topical workshops, Innovation Platforms and stakeholder Workshops.

Being an ERTICO Partner gives access to ERTICO’s innovation and deployment activities and being part of platforms and projects that further the smart mobility agenda. The affiliation of Partners with ERTICO activities helps them raise their profile on the local, national or global stage as innovators in transport and mobility.

If you or your organisation are interested in joining the ERTICO Partnership, please contact our Partnership Acquisition Manager: Cordelia Wilson tel: +32 2 400 07 13, email:



As an ERTICO partner, your organisation can:

  • Initiate, develop and implement projects proposals as well as join consortia of leading multi-sector players — with the support and coordination of ERTICO’s in-house expertise
  • Participate in ERTICO Partners-only Think Tank and thematic workshops
  • Network with other key players and win over new clients and business partners through the ERTICO network of contacts
  • Maintain direct links with European institutions
  • Establish contacts with technical specialists, business executives and decision-makers at the same time
  • Stay ahead of new developments and anticipate key market trends
  • Leverage the strength of other Partners to support one’s own strategy implementation
  • Participate in overseas visits to other countries and strengthen international contacts
  • Actively participate in ERTICO-organised European and worldwide events to promote one’s own business interests
  • Second staff to our office in Brussels, providing an even stronger link to our hub of ITS activity

Here is an overview of our activities:

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