Stakeholder Engagement

ERTICO has a holistic approach to the digitalisation of transport and recognises that only by engaging in dialogue with all stakeholders, the most innovative solutions can be found and implemented. ERTICO actively engages with the European Commission and other EU institutions on key mobility issues. The Commission continues to launch policy initiatives on connected and automated driving, sustainability and smart mobility, and the broader digital agenda. These go hand in hand with the European Green Deal, Digital Strategy and Data Strategy.

Cross-sectoral dialogue

Within the Partnership, cross-sectoral workshops and events are organised to ensure a wide-angle perspective to any topic. With this purpose, ERTICO organises Focus On topical workshops and the annual Think Tank, events that focus on the ERTICO Partnership. ERTICO kicked off 2018 with the launch of the “Year of Multimodality” and the first Focus On workshop that discussed Mobility as a Service and the role of ERTICO in a Europe-wide deployment.

Blockchain and cybersecurity is the topic of the second Focus On workshop that was held as a side event at the International Transport Forum Summit in Leipzig. Subsequent workshops will discuss Internet of Things (IoT) for smart mobility and 5G communications as these relate to automation.

ERTICO’s Annual Think Tank event in 2018 focuses on Multimodality and Access to Data. The sessions on Multimodality are intended to engage with smart mobility stakeholders in Europe and feature a panel discussion with mobility start-ups about their views and drive to improve multimodality.

ERTICO has a close cooperation with the European ITS Nationals Network, through which ERTICO disseminates its knowledge and information about smart mobility to all stakeholders at the local and national level. The Network provides ERTICO with the information on local-national needs and initiatives in ITS deployment.


International Cooperation

When we connect with our colleagues, it is clear that many of the challenges presented by smart mobility are similar in all regions around the world, and that aligned action can be supported by exchanging ideas and best practice. As a result of such interactions, and in line with requirements set by European funding bodies, ERTICO is proud to be a bridge to the world, including many non-European partners as associated international partners in projects that have such a mandatory requirement.

International cooperation is a key activity. Through our joint work with colleagues from other ITS pan-national and national associations and the wider research, academic and industry community, we continually organise events, meetings, think tanks, and knowledge exchange forums on diverse topics. Site visits and delegations are planned and coordinated by ERTICO, visiting Silicon Valley, Chinese transport and mobility partners and Central Asian stakeholders in the last few years. In October 2021, ERTICO has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Road Federation Geneva (IRF) and we are also building closer relations with the European Space Agency (ESA), enhancing its role in planning future innovations relevant to users and the ITS community.

ERTICO has also intensified the cooperation CAICV China (connected and automated vehicles ecosystem) to discuss technology, regulation and potential for alignment of roadmaps. The same counts for the cooperation with UN-ECE (United Nations) WP.29 focusing on connected/automated vehicles and ITS whereby various meetings/webinars were held with a fruitful keynote and participation of ERTICO. With pandemic restrictions and lockdowns preventing travel and physical meetings, the conversations continued in the virtual world through webinars and online meetings. ITS America, ITS Asia-Pacific and colleagues from the Transportation Research Board and its Committees engaged with ERTICO experts in online meetings. This included involving the ERTICO Chairman and our Innovation and Deployment Director at panels during the ITS Congress organised in 2021 by ITS America, and three Mobility Management Meeting online sessions organised by China, Europe and the US. ERTICO worked with China Highway and Transportation Society and TRB on topics such as Integrated and Smart Mobility, Traffic Management and Sustainability, and MaaS, while it also organised a successful physical MMM during the ITS World Congress in Hamburg on Curbside Management.

ERTICO has provided this channel to a number of partners as well as the European Commission’s DG MOVE and JRC, with whom we have a close relationship. The exchange of ideas has continued, at the ITS European Congress 2022 in Toulouse, and with many more planned for the ITS World Congress in Los Angeles in September 2022 and ITS European Congress in Lisbon 2023.

ERTICO’s staple brand for stakeholder engagements are the ITS Congress. More information about the Congresses can be found here.

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