Stakeholder Engagement

ERTICO has a holistic approach to the digitalisation of transport and recognises that only by engaging in dialogue with all stakeholders, the most innovative solutions can be found and implemented.


Cross-sectoral dialogue

Within the Partnership, cross-sectoral workshops and events are organised to ensure a wide-angle perspective to any topic. With this purpose, ERTICO organises Focus On topical workshops and the annual Think Tank, events that focus on the ERTICO Partnership. ERTICO kicked off 2018 with the launch of the “Year of Multimodality” and the first Focus On workshop that discussed Mobility as a Service and the role of ERTICO in a Europe-wide deployment.

Blockchain and cybersecurity is the topic of the second Focus On workshop that was held as a side event at the International Transport Forum Summit in Leipzig. Subsequent workshops will discuss Internet of Things (IoT) for smart mobility and 5G communications as these relate to automation.

ERTICO’s Annual Think Tank event in 2018 focuses on Multimodality and Access to Data. The sessions on Multimodality are intended to engage with smart mobility stakeholders in Europe and feature a panel discussion with mobility start-ups about their views and drive to improve multimodality.

ERTICO is the secretariat of the European ITS Nationals Network, through which we disseminate our knowledge and information about smart mobility to all stakeholders at the local and national level. The Network provides us with the information on local-national needs and initiatives in ITS deployment.


International Cooperation

While “Europe” is in our name, we acknowledge that smart mobility is global. A top priority for ERTICO is to ensure that our Partners take full advantage of cooperation and business opportunities on the global stage. ERTICO engages with the international community and has established privileged relationships with the USA, Japan, Korea, Australia, Singapore, Russia, China and Brazil. Via the exchange of best practices and methodologies, ERTICO promotes global and harmonised standards across the continents, while also contributing to European Commission’s goal of making Europe a leader in the field of smart mobility. We promote interoperability in our international engagement to ensure that the European ITS industry can fully embrace global business opportunities.

ERTICO acts as a European point of contact for the trilateral “EU-US-JP Automation in Road Transportation Working Group” (ART WG). This initiative was established in October 2012 to support the cooperation between Europe, United States and Japan on the topic of automation. The purpose of the working group is to exchange regional information on Connected and Automated Driving, address vehicle and road transport automation topics that apply to public authorities in relation to all stakeholders, identify needs for global harmonisation and standardisation to support international developments and deployment.

In addition, several of ERTICO’s Innovation Platforms are open to international participation and have international links. These include the Traveller Information Services Association (TISA), Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Alliance, Traffic Management (TM) 2.0 and eMI3 (which focuses on interoperability in innovative electro-mobility services).

We also promote international cooperation through many of our European co-funded projects. C-MobILE project cooperates with the US Department of Transport to contribute to maintaining compatibility of C-ITS standards across the continents. In the electro-mobility area, the FABRIC project is liaising internationally and exchanging experiences in dynamic on-road vehicle charging.

ERTICO further strengthened its ties with China by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with China ITS Industry Alliance under which both parties will engage in jointly organised meeting and stakeholder delegation that further the smart mobility topic. In this context, ERTICO and a group of Partners visited China to discuss about the development of traffic control technology in China, autonomous vehicle technology laws and regulations and national car-sharing business models. During the four-day visit, key representatives from the Chinese and European mobility sector participated in technical visits to meet the country’s leading companies in ITS, gain a deeper insight on the latest technologies and developments of the Chinese ITS industry. Meetings were held in Beijing and Shanghai.

ERTICO’s staple brand for stakeholder engagement is the ITS Congress. More information about the ITS Congresses can be found here.

Here is the selection of passed “Focus On” workshops:

InterCor final event: The future of Cooperative Mobility Services across Europe

ERTICO Partner delegation brings European excellence to the US

Next generation eCall

IoT open data access to advance mobility in European cities: how can we achieve it?

ERTICO’s Partner delegation visits China for the China – Europe ITS Summit 

Is blockchain the answer to cybersecurity?

MaaS: From development to deployment

Annual Think Tank events:

2019: Urban Mobility – From Technology to Sustainable Deployment

2018: Multimodality and Access to Data

2017: Mobility Vision 2030

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ITS Congress

ITS Congress