Thought Leadership

ERTICO and its Partners are recognised experts in smart mobility and we use that knowledge to pave the way in this field, being thought leaders in the digitalisation of transport and seamless mobility.


Advocating for smart mobility

ERTICO, as a technology-neutral proponent of mobility, is engaging in dialogue with the European Institutions both in respect to innovation and deployment.

Participation and membership include the European Commission Cooperative ITS Platform (C-ITS Platform); a body of selected experts from all stakeholder groups set up by the European Commission including national authorities, C-ITS stakeholders and European policymakers to provide policy recommendations for the development of a roadmap and a deployment strategy for C-ITS in Europe.

ERTICO is a member of the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum which brings together EU policymakers and ITS industry actors to develop a European vision for further digitalisation of freight transport and logistics. ERTICO cooperates with the European Parliament on specific issues such as electro-mobility, truck platooning, multimodality, Start-up Prize and Mobility as a Service and holds events under the auspices of Members of the European Parliament.


Envisioning tomorrow’s journey

ERTICO has a unique position given by its diverse membership, our team of experts in mobility and access to the European policy arena. This gives us a great advantage to understand the direction in which mobility is developing, foresee where opportunities lie ahead, and also what measures need to be taken to support the progress of tomorrow’s smart mobility.

Our analysis is disseminated and further enhanced through Focus On workshops organised for our Partnership, discussing new concepts and technologies. We are invited as experts and ‘influencers’ to contribute to the development of European roadmaps for mobility.

Working on seamless, greener and safer mobility, ERTICO is developing visionary papers to contribute to the discourse about the future of smart mobility. To find out more read ERTICO’s Vision 2030.

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