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smartCEM aims to facilitate smart, sustainable and inclusive growth by accelerating  the wider uptake of smart connected ElectroMobility. This will be done by piloting five ICT services that facilitate and enhance the user experience of electric vehicles (EVs). In doing so, it will address the relatively slow uptake of electrical vehicles and the lack of interoperability of ICT solutions across Europe.

In order to encourage the uptake of electrical vehicles, smartCEM will pilot five complementary services: EV-navigation, EV-efficiency driving, EV-trip management, EV-charging station management, EV-sharing management.

These services will be implemented and operated during one year of real-Life operation in four European pilot sites using different types of vehicles and practices:

1. Barcelona: will focus on motorcycle sharing service

2. Gipuzkoa: will combine urban & interurban car sharing facilities and hybrid bus services in the capital (San Sebastian)

3. Newcastle: will integrate existing electrical vehicles and associated infrastructure assigned to the public use

4. Reggio Emilia: will combine both delivery vehicles and passenger vehicles of the municipal fleet