InterCor (Interoperable Corridors) links the C-ITS corridor initiatives of the Netherlands C-ITS Corridor Netherlands-Germany-Austria and the French one defined in SCOOP@F, and extending to the United Kingdom and Belgium C-ITS initiatives.

InterCor will work to achieve a sustainable network of corridors providing continuity of the C-ITS services and offering a testbed for beyond Day-One C-ITS service development.

InterCor is a 3 year study of 30 million Euros co-financed by the European Union under the Connecting Europe Facility; it will enable vehicles and the related road infrastructure to communicate data through cellular, ITS G5 or a combination of cellular and ITS-G5 (hybrid) networks on a road corridor through the Netherlands, Belgium/Flanders, UK and France to achieve safer, more efficient and more convenient mobility of people and goods.