International Cooperation in Transport research is becoming an increasing priority aiming, primarily, at creating “critical mass” in moving collaboratively to solve critical 21st century transportation challenges. The main idea and objective is to establish – through international cooperation in transport research – the free circulation of specialized knowledge, experience and know how in facing transport problems and challenges and create through collaboration the conditions for more “breakthrough” research and achievements that would otherwise require more time and resources if faced individually and separately.

As the European Transport Research Area (ERA-T) takes shape and strength, international transport research collaboration can both help its further strengthening and internal cohesion as well as boost Europe’s objectives and competitiveness in the global economy.

The EUTRAIN project puts forward a framework for such international cooperation in Transport research between the European Transport Research Area (ERA-T) and other regions, in order to ease existing barriers and limiting factors for such collaboration. It is also of major interest to try and achieve, within international research collaboration, an increased focus on human resources and creating the next generation of “global” researchers.

The EUTRAIN project builds upon the existing experience and know-how in this field – that has been gained in recent years through specific actions of international cooperation as well as projects / studies – and goes one step further to make specific recommendations and policies that will be “ripe” for implementation.