The European eCall Implementation Platform is the coordination body bringing together all relevant stakeholders interested in the rapid implementation of the pan-European eCall.

eCall is an eSafety technology that is promoted by the European Commission. The technology intends to bring rapid assistance to motorists involved in a collision anywhere in the European Union. Many organisations are involved with the wide-deployment of this technology across Europe, focusing on different aspects of eCall including in-vehicle systems, wireless data delivery, and Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs).

To harmonise the work of various stakeholders, the e-Call Implementation Platform was set up in February 2009 at the initiative of the European Commission. It brings together all major stakeholders to synchronise the activities accelerating the deployment of eCall at national and European level. Participants include the European Commission, the Member States, industry and other associations. The Platform is co-chaired by ERTICO – ITS Europe and a Member State (Finland until beginning of 2010, new vice-chair under nomination).

The European e-call Implementation Platform will build on the previous work done by the eCall Driving Group, PSAPs Expert Group and the European Standardisation Organisations.


The European eCall Implementation Platform aims to guide, coordinate and monitor the progress of the implementation of the eCall service across Europe to ensure a timely, effective and harmonized deployment of the eCall service in Europe.

The Platform has set up a number of Task Forces to look into different open issues which need to be addressed to enable the rapid deployment of the service at European level.


The eCall Implementation Platform brings together representatives of the relevant stakeholders associations and of the National Platforms supporting the implementation of a pan-European in-vehicle emergency call in Europe.