ADASIS, is an open group of significant actors from the global vehicle industry and suppliers who joined forces, driven by the common vision and belief that, defining an appropriate interface for exchanging information between in-vehicle map database,  ADAS and automated driving applications will inevitably enable these applications to: access data generated by map data sources and related data, build predictive and vehicle environment data based on map, position and other georeferenced data and therefore improve their performances. Will also provide to the industry a defacto and reliable standard to be used worldwide, contribute as one enabling technology to the development and deployment of all  automated driving stages, drive global growth in this field and improve road safety, reduce emissions and provide higher driving comfort.

Since the first release of the ADASIS v2.0 specification first applications like Predictive Powertrain Control enabled by ADASIS were launched on the market in 2012 by truck companies. From 2014, the ADASIS Forum focuses on new specifications (v3.0) as one enabler of automated driving.