ERTICO hosts 25th Anniversary Think Tank

On 20-21 September, ERTICO – ITS Europe hosted its Think Tank event in Brussels with the participation of around 120 attendees including 60 of the Partner organisations.

The event marked the 25th anniversary of ERTICO – ITS Europe within the European policy sphere. The Think Tank was shaped into five interactive sessions focusing on the ERTICO Partnership’s Vision 2030 for ITS and it included four sessions built around ERTICO’s current focus areas: Clean Mobility, Urban Mobility, Connected and Automated Driving, and Transport and Logistics. These areas represent the starting point for the future roadmaps around which all ERTICO Partnership activities will be developed.

Digitalisation, data, connectivity, electrification, traffic and travel management were some of the key topics highlighted in the different panels. A large emphasis was given to Public Authorities as the engine to deployment of intelligent transport technologies and services. Public authorities could act as enablers, early adopters and partners providing their expertise and cooperating with the private sector.

A full report on the event will be shared with all ERTICO – ITS Europe Partners in the upcoming days meanwhile watch the wrap-up video of the event here, download the participants list here, and please don’t forget to fill in the survey, if you have not done it yet.

The audio of the five sessions is available below:

Session 1 – Vision 2030 
Session 2 – Connected and Automated Driving 
Session 3 – Clean Mobility 
Session 4 – Urban Mobility
Session 5 – Transport and Logistics

Pictures are available for download on ERTICO – ITS Europe Flickr account



The Think Tank event will be held once a year to engage Partners, gather the different sectors’ opinion and foster discussion and cooperation.