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TN_ITS is an International platform promoting the exchange of road-network-related spatial data between road authorities, and providers of high-quality digital maps for ITS. Highly up-to-date maps are increasingly important for advanced applications in the domains of ADAS, C-ITS , AD and multimodal.

Road authorities control road network changes in terms of traffic signs and regulations, public transport information, other road attributes, and geometry, and would therefore be the most efficient and immediate source for information on changes relevant for maintaining highly up-to-date ITS digital maps.

Keeping track of changes in the road infrastructure requires a suitable digital infrastructure and sophisticated procedures at road authorities, while an adequate exchange framework is needed to bring the updates to users of such information (ITS map providers).

TN-ITS updates can be directly incorporated into ITS digital maps as they come from a trusted source with high reliability, constitute single data points that do not require extensive processing and interpretation as for big data, and enable low-latency availability of updated map information in user devices.