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MaaS Alliance- Mobility as a Service (MaaS) fulfils users’ needs for mobility by integrating a wide range of transport services for both travellers and goods, into a single mobility service accessible on demand. To meet a customer’s needs, a MaaS service provider arranges the most suitable transport means, be it public transport, taxi or car rental, or even ride-, car- or bike-sharing. No need to buy travel tickets or sign up for separate transport accounts: your MaaS account gives you, your family or your company the freedom to choose the mobility you need, for a single monthly or pay-as-you-go subscription. For transport providers, MaaS can offer new sales channels, access to untapped customer demand, simplified user account and payment management, as well as richer data on travel demand patterns and dynamics. 

All over Europe, MaaS initiatives are planned or starting up. Established in 2015 at the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux, following the launch of the Mobility as a Service concept at the 2014 ITS European congress in Helsinki, MaaS Alliance is a public-private partnership that can connect these independent activities. MaaS Alliance vision is to accelerate and facilitate the global movement to turn Mobility into a Service that puts the users, both people and goods, at the core of multi-modal transport offerings.