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The  ERTICO Network is a dedicated news and information portal for ITS professionals and decision makers. The ERTICO Network provides:

  • ITS news and policy updates
  • Updates from ERTICO Partners and the ERTICO Partnership activities
  • Events calendar with ITS events and meetings
  • Unique multimedia content
  • Private members area with hundreds of active members
  • Weekly ITS newsletter to all members
  • A unique ITS library containing more than 10.000s ITS presentations, research documents and videos

Target audience

The  ERTICO Network targets journalists, politicians, decision-makers, top managers, engineers, marketing and sales professionals and ERTICO Partners. The ERTICO Network is also a valuable source of information for ITS students, young professionals and the general public.

Newsletters generated from the ERTICO Network

A weekly  newsletter is sent to specialised media, European and national institutions, congresses and events delegates, researchers,  engineers,  project  managers,  etc.,  and  covers all  transport  modes and  value chain  from vehicle manufacturers, service providers, and suppliers to users, road operators, consultants and public authorities.

A monthly events newsletter contains all upcoming relevant events that will be organised by ERTICO, its Partners or other relevant stakeholders.

Social Networks

The  ERTICO Network is one of the main sources of content that feed the ERTICO social media accounts in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Partners can profit from these channels to inform about their ITS news and engage with a  wide community of ITS stakeholders.