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COSMO is a 32 month pilot project whose aim is to demonstrate in realistic conditions the benefits of integrating advanced cooperative traffic management services and to quantify their impact in improving energy efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint.

Experimentation has been carried out in the following application areas:

  • Environmentally sensitive traffic control strategies
  • Eco-driving for private vehicle and for public transport
  • Multimodal real-time information systems
  • Advanced energy efficient technologies integrated in roadside equipment
  • Dynamic City Access Management strategy
  • Advanced Real-Time Congestion Management System

COSMO set up three Pilot Sites in which a range of cooperative applications were installed and tested: Salerno (Italy), Vienna (Austria) and Gothenburg (Sweden). All sites implemented leading-edge cooperative systems technologies developed in the recent EC-funded research projects COOPERS, CVIS and SAFESPOT.

The Italian and Swedish Pilot sites consist of urban scenarios, involving public transport, while the Austrian Pilot tested an inter-urban use case on a motorway.