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Traffic Management in a changing world

November 14, 2018 - November 15, 2018

The title of the Forum “Traffic Management in a changing world – Digitalization, Multimodality, Smart Infrastructures” reflects a number of objectives of the Forum:

  • The focus of the Forum will be on Traffic Management and its current challenges. The European ITS Platform and CEF ITS corridors are grounded on experiences and contributions from road authorities/road operators, which have a 24/7 task to management the traffic on their road network. Traffic management is the key measure assumed by road operators to improve the quality of services delivered to users: improve safety, reduce congestion, provide traffic information.
  • The Forum will look at proven and emerging technologies which will have an impact on traffic management. On the one hand traffic management will benefit from new technologies and trends (e.g. floating car data, on-board systems, AI, …), on the other hand new technologies (e.g. C-ITS, automated driving, …) will result in new requirements for road operators. Traditional ITS will increasingly be complemented by C-ITS and other new technologies, allowing new services and opportunities for European Citizens.
  • The new technologies also lead to new business models. Road operators/authorities will have to handle with these changes in their environment, such as a shift from public to private services, systems as a service, from ownership to sharing economy, etc.

The choice of this theme is not by chance; the EU EIP Platform consists of mainly road operators/authorities. All activities ultimately aim at providing better ITS tools to the road operators in order to manage their road network in a more efficient, safe and environment friendly way.

Program highlights

  • Digitalization of transport
  • Public / private / PPP opportunities
  • Cross-border testing
  • ITS corridors: a catalyst of EU harmonization
  • Achievements of the EU ITS Platform and CEF ITS Corridors
  • Multimodal (passenger/freight)
  • European dimension of services
  • ITS roadmap for tomorrow transport system
  • Smart mobility innovation process
  • Connected and Automated Driving

More information is available here.



November 14, 2018
November 15, 2018