Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

The ERTICO Partnership’s thought leadership activities aim at driving the development, promotion and deployment of transport systems and services.

The ERTICO Partnership has built an online ITS community (ERTICO Network) which explains the benefits of ITS to the global ITS stakeholder community. As part of the ERTICO Network, ERTICO also created the ITS library to ensure that all ITS knowledge gathered through projects or initiatives remain available to the global ITS community.

The ERTICO Partnership is also the secretariat of IBEC, as well as a member of the Management Community. IBEC is the international forum that advocates the use of evaluation in planning, decision making and monitoring of the deployment of smart technology for mobility with the ITS industry and government agencies. Hence the evaluation expertise of IBEC is brought closer to the practitioners and stakeholders within the ERTICO Partnership.

In addition, the ERTICO Partnership has close links with EU institutions, giving the Partnership a role in political initiatives. ERTICO participates in the Cooperative ITS Platform (C-ITS Platform); a framework set up by the European Commission including national authorities, C-ITS stakeholders and European policy makers to provide policy recommendations for the development of a roadmap and a deployment strategy for C-ITS in Europe. ERTICO is a member of the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum that brings together EU policy makers and key ITS industry representatives to develop an EU vision for further digitalisation of freight transport and logistics. The ERTICO Partnership contributes to recommendations and roadmaps to the H2020 Program WP2016-2017 developed by ALICE, Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe. ERTICO’s cooperation with the European Parliament also happens through the iMobility Forum where ITS stakeholders discuss high priority ITS issues under the auspices of Parliamentarians.

Through the network of 27 National ITS Associations, ITS knowledge and information is transmitted to all actors at the local and national level and ITS is promoted from the ground up.

ERTICO fosters cooperation with the international ITS community in the Americas and in the Asia-Pacific region. Sharing of knowledge through international Partnerships contribute to the development of ITS solutions and to business development for the ERTICO Partnership.

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Ertico Network

IBEC – International Benefits Evaluation Community

International cooperation for the successful development and deployment of ITS

i-Mobility Forum

The ERTICO – ITS Europe hosted Network of National ITS Associations was formed in order to ensure that ITS knowledge and information is...