…towards zero accidents. Safety is a key issue for European mobility today. More than 40,000 people die on the road each year and road accidents cost the European economy around €200 billion every year. Research – and initial deployment – have shown the great potential for improving road safety with intelligent and advanced driver assistance systems. These systems can detect hazards on the road ahead, inform drivers of them even before they are visible, keep vehicles at a safe distance from one another and inform drivers of the local conditions.

Our activities in the SafeMobility sector are mainly focussed on:

Integrated road safety: provide all road users with relevant safety support from vehicle & infrastructure.
Safe urban mobility: improve safety in the design of urban mobility services.
Road user behaviour: enable safety innovation through better understanding of road user behaviour.

The CONCORDA (Connected Corridor for Driving Automation) project contributes to the preparation of European motorways for automated driving and high density truck...

CARTRE (Coordination of Automated Road Transport Deployment for Europe) is a Coordination and Support Action funded under the H2020 programme to accelerate...

The number of road vehicle services that demand positioning capabilities is continuously growing. Although vehicle telematics do provide services with positioning requirements...

Computer Vision and Video Analysis has gained a strong foothold in different areas such as Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Advanced Manufacturing and...

The main goal of I_HeERO is to guide Member States towards an upgrade of the existing infrastructure in the Public Safety Answering...

To push the use of data technologies within selected European societal key sectors including the transport sector, BigDataEurope will provide support mechanisms impacting...

Field Operational Test Networking and Data Sharing Support

eUropean naturalistic Driving and Riding for Infrastructure and Vehicle safety and Environment

Vehicle and Road Automation

Completed Activities

Cities demonstrating cybernetic mobility

JUPITER is an EC funded Cooperation and Support Action under the responsibility of the European GNSS Agency (GSA). The project will raise...

Supporting the deployment of intelligent mobility in Europe

Priorities for Road Safety Research in Europe

Boosting the deployment of ICT systems for efficient and sustainable mobility

International automotive 79 GHz frequency harmonisation initiative and worldwide operating vehicular radar frequency standardisation platform

Field Operational Test Networking and Data Sharing Support

DRIVing implementation and Evaluation of C2X communication technology in Europe

Harmonised eCall European Pilot

eCall Implementation Platform