Advancing Innovation & Deployment

The EU supported collaboration projects provide ERTICO Partners with the opportunity to get involved in cutting-edge ITS research and deployment. ERTICO provides management, dissemination and technical support for developing and operating such projects. For the co-funded projects ERTICO works closely with the European Commission, with a co-funding rate of between 50% and 100% depending on the scope of the project and the activities within the project.

Co-funded projects are an important tool for ERTICO to fulfil its mission by bringing Partners together to provide common solutions to tasks that are central to the effective development and deployment of ITS. Shared public and private co-funding ensures the mutual recognition of the relevance and acceptance of the projects’ work.

The ERTICO Partnership is leading European pre-deployment pilot projects in close cooperation with local and national authorities with the objective to lay the foundations for Europe-wide implementation by addressing strategic deployment issues such as interoperability, cost benefit analysis, legal frameworks, user/product awareness and business development.

Thanks to ERTICO’s diverse multi-sector Partnership, project results are regarded as representative and accepted as a baseline for standards. ERTICO projects also provide Partners with an opportunity to develop a multi-service approach, which facilitates the creation of business cases.

Clean Mobility

AEOLIX- Architecture for EurOpean Logistics Information eXchange

optiTruck – The impact of road traffic on energy efficiency is a major global policy concern and has stimulated a substantial body of...

Electrification of road transport has significant potential to reduce air pollutants contributing to climate change as well as city noise pollution and...

COoperative loGISTICS for sustainable mobility of goods

Feasibility analysis and development of on-road charging solutions for future electric vehicles 

Urban areas represent the greatest challenges for freight transport and service trips, both in terms of goods distribution and service allocation performance,...

Smart Mobility

The C-MobILE (Accelerating C-ITS Mobility Innovation and depLoyment in Europe) vision is of a safe & efficient road transport system without casualties...

InterCor - Interoperable Corridors deploying cooperative intelligent transport systems


SPICE – Support Procurements for Innovative transport and mobility solutions in City Environment

AEOLIX – Supply chain visibility supported by easy access to, and exchange and use of relevant and abundant logistics-related information is an...

The ITS Observatory is developing a self-service platform for the ITS community to publish and to search for comprehensive information and insight...

MOBiNET - a European wide platform for connected mobility services.

Safe Mobility

The CONCORDA (Connected Corridor for Driving Automation) project contributes to the preparation of European motorways for automated driving and high density truck...

CARTRE (Coordination of Automated Road Transport Deployment for Europe) is a Coordination and Support Action funded under the H2020 programme to accelerate...

The number of road vehicle services that demand positioning capabilities is continuously growing. Although vehicle telematics do provide services with positioning requirements...

Computer Vision and Video Analysis has gained a strong foothold in different areas such as Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Advanced Manufacturing and...

The main goal of I_HeERO is to guide Member States towards an upgrade of the existing infrastructure in the Public Safety Answering...

To push the use of data technologies within selected European societal key sectors including the transport sector, BigDataEurope will provide support mechanisms impacting...

Field Operational Test Networking and Data Sharing Support

eUropean naturalistic Driving and Riding for Infrastructure and Vehicle safety and Environment

Vehicle and Road Automation

Completed Activities

Cooperative Mobility Pilot on Safety and Sustainability Services for Deployment

Cities demonstrating cybernetic mobility

Supporting the driver in conserving energy and reducing emissions

ITS4rCO2: ITS for reducing CO2 emission related to the usage of passenger cars The ERTICO Partnership has been active for many years...

JUPITER is an EC funded Cooperation and Support Action under the responsibility of the European GNSS Agency (GSA). The project will raise...

Optimise Citizen Mobility and Freight Management in Urban Environments

Public Procurement of Innovation for Cooperative ITSV

International Coordination for implementation of innovative and efficient urban mobility solutions

Supporting the deployment of intelligent mobility in Europe

Pre-Commercial Public Procurement for ITS innovation and deployment

The FOSTER-ROAD  project supported the  European Technology  Platform ERTRAC  (the  European Road  Transport Research Advisory Council) to create and implement the needed research...

Support Action for a Transport ICT European large scale action

Future Internet for Smart, Efficient & Green Mobility

A Framework for International Cooperation in Transport Research

Smart Transport Applications Designed for large events with Impacts on Urban Mobility

Priorities for Road Safety Research in Europe

Boosting the deployment of ICT systems for efficient and sustainable mobility

Smart Connected Electro Mobility

Assessment Methodologies for ICT in multi-modal transport

Cooperative Systems for Sustainable Mobility and Energy Efficiency

Cooperative Mobility Systems and Services for Energy Efficiency

International Cooperation for a common assessment methodology of ITS applications

International automotive 79 GHz frequency harmonisation initiative and worldwide operating vehicular radar frequency standardisation platform

Field Operational Test Networking and Data Sharing Support

DRIVing implementation and Evaluation of C2X communication technology in Europe

Harmonised eCall European Pilot

eCall Implementation Platform