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The CONCORDA (Connected Corridor for Driving Automation) project contributes to the preparation of European motorways for automated driving and high density truck platooning. The main objective of the project is to assess the performance of hybrid communication systems, combining 802.11p and LTE connectivity, under real traffic situations.

CONCORDA paves the way for solutions based on the combination of connectivity and infrastructure that will help build the vehicle’s environmental perception model. Moreover, the project aims to aid in the improvement of accuracy and integrity of the localisation services.

The CONCORDA project will commence based on common application specifications that will be updated during the project in an iterative manner (during the pilot operation according to evaluations and lessons learned) and in cooperation with C-Roads. New standards, or evolutions of existing standards, will be proposed as a result of this process.

CONCORDA will have test sites in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, and Spain. Interoperability and continuity of services will be applied on all test sites, aiming at EU-wide interoperability of services. Vehicles will be equipped with COM boxes and C-V2X chipsets.

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